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The Wyndham story starts here...

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Her Mother's Daughter

Prequel Novella to A Vessel of Mercy

Not all prisoners are locked behind iron bars. For Lady Mary Wyndham of Devonsfield, her prison is hedged with rose gardens, and it is her family name—and the reputation she must uphold—that bind her.

With her young daughter Abigail, Mary struggles to exercise what little liberty she has, straying beyond the boundaries of propriety to show Abigail life beyond the stifling confines of Devonsfield’s gates. But their freedom is fleeting, as Mary Wyndham harbors a secret—one that she can hide neither from her husband, Sir Rathburn nor from the shrewd eye of her mother-in-law, the Dowager.

As Mary fights for her life, young Abigail is faced with an uncertain future. Will Abigail conform to the stringent standards of the Wyndham name or to the truth her mother seeks to impart?

Offering a sentimental insight into the backstory of the Wyndham family saga, the prequel novella Her Mother’s Daughter sets the stage for the Vessel Christian fiction series, which begins with A Vessel of Mercy.

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